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06.03.22 @ 5:45 - Club Dinner - Cafe Lola - Johnson City

Private event. Restaurant closed to the Porsche Club.

6/3/2022, 5:45 PM

Cafe Lola

06.03.22 @ 5:45 - Club Dinner - Cafe Lola - Johnson City

Cafe Lola is a charming little bistro and wine bar with a romantic French atmosphere. Tara, the owner, is a lovely, willow-thin genial young woman who is willing to do whatever it takes to offer her customers a satisfying meal. Hunter, her husband and co-owner, is an energetic, affable young man who will make you feel right at home. A Classy Dining Experience. It's not fair to just say the food is great. The chef certainly is terrific.

To close this very popular restaurant on a Friday for a private Porsche Club event, we need to have 40 people coming for dinner, bring a friend, a neighbor, family. Knows someone who owns a Porsche and it is not a club member? Bring them to have dinner with the club! We will have a pre-fixed menu with 4 different Entrees carefully selected to this event to choose from. Price per person: $53 (Starter + Entrée) - Menu more below...