Rick Hill Porsche: Customer Appreciation Day

Date: 10/04/2020 (Sunday) | Route Length: 80 miles – 1:45 hours + lunch reception & test drive opportunity Meeting Point: Virginia Welcome Center & Rest Area – 66 Island Rd, Bristol, VA (I-81) Meeting Time: 9:00 am RICK HILL PORSCHE Customer Appreciation Day will treat its customers and PCA members with lunch as we hangContinue reading “Rick Hill Porsche: Customer Appreciation Day”

Diamondback, Devil’s Whip & Little Switzerland

Date: 09/26/2020 | Route Length: 97 miles – 2:40 hours + lunch Meeting Point: First Watch Daytime Cafe – 1150 W State of Franklin Rd. – Johnson City Meeting Time: 8:30 am Join us on this super drive to experience the thrills, switchbacks, twisting curves and mountain views of the Little Switzerland, Blue Ridge Parkway,Continue reading “Diamondback, Devil’s Whip & Little Switzerland”

Rennsport Dragon Rally – June 2020

This mid-June, five of the Wilderness Trail Region members attended a Porsche-only 3-day rally driving through the Tennessee and North Carolina mountains. The event (not organized or sponsored by PCA), brought more than 100 cars from 20 different states to legendary roads, such as the Tail of the Dragon, Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiner 28, Foothills Parkway,Continue reading “Rennsport Dragon Rally – June 2020”

There’s a Porsche 962 engine hidden in this 911 Speedster

Introduced in 1989 as the Porsche 911 Speedster, the limited low-windshield 911 was an immediate hit. Taking styling cues from the late 50’s 356 Speedster, the modern version sported both narrow and wide hips, with the wider bodywork coming directly from the 930. For some this special edition 911 would be a collectible, but oneContinue reading “There’s a Porsche 962 engine hidden in this 911 Speedster”

Spring Thing 2020

Registration is now open: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/spring-thing-2020-carnegie-hotel-pca-smoky-mountain-415128 Event postponed to August due to COVID-19. Mark your calendars, tell your Porsche Friends, we are moving to Johnson City! After six great years at The General Morgan, we are busting at the seams there. So we are trying out the Carnegie Hotel in Johnson City. Remember our Sponsors, they help make this happen!!Continue reading “Spring Thing 2020”

Luft Wasser 2020

[CANCELLED due to COVID-19] The event reached the max capacity of Porsche’s registered. Click at the image below to be added to the waiting list. What is Luft Wasser? Luft Wasser is a Porsche Club Celebration (Air Water in German to reflect the Porsche heritage of air- and water-cooled Porsches) centered in Brevard, North CarolinaContinue reading “Luft Wasser 2020”

2020 Porsche Taycan Review

The new Porsche Taycan is Porsche’s first all-electric vehicle. It comes in Turbo or Turbo S forms, although, kinda obviously, neither has a turbocharger. Turbo is a sub-brand that means a Porsche is chuffing fast: and the Taycan, especially in Turbo S form like we’ve tested it here, is chuffing fast. On overboost the TaycanContinue reading “2020 Porsche Taycan Review”

Porsche 934: The 911 Turbo that became a race car

Much is said about the Porsche 935, and rightly so – it was practically a missing link between the Porsche 911 and a sports prototype, as were many cars made according to Group 5 regulations in the 1970s and 1980s. The central portion it was clearly 911, but the fenders, hood and rear were modifiedContinue reading “Porsche 934: The 911 Turbo that became a race car”