Diamondback, Devil’s Whip & Little Switzerland

Date: 09/26/2020 | Route Length: 97 miles – 2:40 hours + lunch

Meeting Point: First Watch Daytime Cafe – 1150 W State of Franklin Rd. – Johnson City

Meeting Time: 8:30 am

Join us on this super drive to experience the thrills, switchbacks, twisting curves and mountain views of the Little Switzerland, Blue Ridge Parkway, Diamondback (NC226A), Devil’s Whip (NC80) among other roads.

The Diamondback is the loop right behind Little Switzerland and it is a must if you like curves and twists. This road has more than 190 steep climbing curves in just 12 miles. The temperatures cool as you climb the steep switchbacks looping almost 360 degrees. Runs of S-curves climb and twist sharply as they snake through lush green forest. The road is in great shape for driving, smooth pavement, well-marked centerlines with reflectors and very little traffic.

We will then drive through the Devil’s Whip. This road is 12 miles with 160 curves, some switchbacks, and rising in elevation 2000 feet in those 12 miles of pure adrenaline. There are some steep drops and lots of tight curves. Those switchbacks are intense but loads of fun, not a road for games or goofing around. The elevation change is incredible! But seriously, be careful, there is no room for error on this ride as this road is far more arduous than the Tail of the Dragon. We will end the drive at the famous “The Historic Orchard at Altapass” where we have a reserved covered area to eat (pack your lunch), or you can eat in one of the many surrounding restaurants. Bring a light jacket as the temperature drops average 10-12 degrees on that region. Drive safely and obey the speed limit!


Photos from Orchard at Altapass, Little Switzerland, The Chalet, Diamondback aerial and others