Rennsport Dragon Rally – June 2020

This mid-June, five of the Wilderness Trail Region members attended a Porsche-only 3-day rally driving through the Tennessee and North Carolina mountains. The event (not organized or sponsored by PCA), brought more than 100 cars from 20 different states to legendary roads, such as the Tail of the Dragon, Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiner 28, Foothills Parkway, Blue Ridge Parkway, The Hellbender and many back roads that I never heard about it (Elijay Rd, Hiwassee Dam, Wayah Rd, Tilley Rd, and the road we shall not speak of, to name a few – seriously, we can’t disclose the road’s name!). Each day was filled with driving and some strategic stops. On average, we drove around 300 miles / 6.5 hours each day, obeying the social distancing rules, which I thought it would be a challenge with a large group, but everyone managed it well. The event was a blast, to say the least. On every other stop and during the the morning staging each day, there were plenty of opportunities to safely socialize and make new friends, many of them members from various PCA regions.

In between spirited driving and scenic stops for photo-shooting, we also visited the Appalachian Driving Experience in Murphy, NC where we had chance to talk to Porsche’s professional drivers and instructors while we looked at the cars that they have available to anyone who wants to drive and improve their driving skills at the mountains.

Check below some photos of the event.

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